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Integrated ticket office at customer's choice: (transport) or (transport + entrances) without additional costs. Multilingual guide service, catering organisation and temporary restaurants/bar points, in collaboration with local partners.
Our motorboats are connected to the main system with a GPS system to reduce waiting times.
Service assistance.
  • Why choose "Borromean Islands Navigation"
    Excursions on Lake Maggiore
  • Why choose "Borromean Islands Navigation"
    Excursions on Lake Maggiore
  • Why choose "Borromean Islands Navigation"
    Excursions on Lake Maggiore
  • Why choose "Borromean Islands Navigation"
    Excursions on Lake Maggiore
  • Why choose "Borromean Islands Navigation"
    Excursions on Lake Maggiore
  • Why choose "Borromean Islands Navigation"
    Excursions on Lake Maggiore

Navigation of Lake Maggiore and Borromean Islands

Navigating the Borromean Islands is the best choice to know, discover Lake Maggiore and to visit Isola Madre, Isola Bella and Isola Pescatori (Mother Island, Bella Island, Fisher Island), the most beautiful islands in Italy. It will also be possible to reach the Botanical Gardens of Villa Taranto, the Rocca di Angera, Santa Caterina del Sasso Ballaro and Luino with the nearby Castles of Cannero. These are just some coastal destinations which can be reached with our multiple services.

Our proposals distinguish us in experience, quality and professionalism of the captains, staff and guides; tours, excursions, cruises and programmed activities all year round; most of our tours don't require a minimum of participants; our customers don't queue for access to museums and gardens; availability and assistance on site.

Touristic Season 2024

Borromean Islands

Starting from March 16 to November 3 2024 the palaces and gardens of Isola Bella can be visited every day from.

More information on the islands  - Prices and Timetables

Villa Pallavicino - Rocca di Angera

Giardini botanici di Villa Taranto

The botanical gardens of Villa Taranto are open every day from March 15 to November 3 2024

More information

Lake Maggiore

Isola Bella e Isola Pescatori dall'alto

Isola Bella e Isola dei Pescatori

Isola Madre dall'Alto

Isola Madre

Santa Caterina Lago Maggiore

Santa Caterina del Sasso Ballaro

Lake Maggiore is one of the most popular destinations for those people, who want to spend relaxing days in an enchanting place full of nature and culture. It is located in Upper Piedmont, in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola (more simply called Verbania). It borders the provinces of Varese, Novara and Switzerland. 

In the Borromean Gulf, there are three islands, Isola Bella which is located in front of the shore, between  Stresa and Baveno, Fisher Island or Superior which is next to the first island, but doesn't belong to the Borromean family and Isola Madre, the biggest one, located further off the gulf in front of Pallanza. All three islands are part of the Municipality of Stresa.

Isola Bella is owned by the Borromean family and is located about 400 meters off the coast of Stresa. It is famous for its Palace and Italian Garden on ten terraces with statues, fountains, magnolias and cypresses. Its spirit is also marked by the land that occupies part of the territory. The Unicorn is the crest of the Borromean family. 
Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most illustrious guests of the palace. 

Fisher Island, also known by the name of Superior, doesn't belong to the Borromean family. This island is inhabited all year long and is located next to the small Maghera island or "Island of lovers"; placed between it and Isola Bella. Its small village with narrow lanes, decorated with fishing nets, the craft market and tall trees is in contrast with the noble design given to Isola Bella. 

Mother Island is the largest of the Borromean Islands. With its 220 m width and 330 m length, the island is occupied by the Palace, the English botanical garden and other buildings. 
Due to its vegetation of exotic plants and flowers among which the white peacock makes the wheel and pheasants and parrots roam free, it is preferred by many people to the other two islands.
Mother Island was formerly called San Victor Island, subsequently Maggiore Island and finally taking its current name.

Additional to the islands, you can reach all locations on Lake Maggiore throughout the year with our company. We offer rates for singular people, groups, incentives, conventions, treasure hunts, photo shoots and weddings. We offer a non-scheduled public service allowing tourists to explore the lake in any direction; a larger part of the tourist movement is carried out from the shores towards the islands.

Borromean Islands Navigation welcomes you upon your arrival, accompanies you throughout the tour giving you the possibility to manage stops and boarding times. 

Remember that the Borromean Islands Navigation is "the company that accompanies you". 

How to reach us

In order to reach the islands, you have to embark on the motorboats of the Borromean Islands Navigation and in a few minutes you can admire the beauties, the history of these islands and the scenery of the shores on Lake Maggiore.

Borromean Islands Navigation has its main boarding in Piazza Marconi, Stresa 28838 "imbarcadero” and several boarding points in front of the hotels.

  • By car: easily reachable from Milan (1h) with the A26 motorway, taking the Arona, Carpugnino (by car only), Baveno exit, and then descending to Stresa for 5 minutes, enjoying a fantastic view.
    From Switzerland it is possible to reach us taking the Brig-Simplon or Gotthard-Locarno pass. From Brig (1h45m) keep the signs for Milan, A26 motorway, Baveno-Stresa exit. Coming from Locarno (1h15m) you'll coast the Lake Maggiore passing through Cannobio, Cannero Riviera, Ghiffa, Verbania, Baveno and finally Stresa.
  • By train: from Milan it is possible to reach us from the Central and Garibaldi station in about 1 hour. For a suggestive experience, coming from Switzerland, it is possible to take the Vigezzina-Centovialli railway (cogwheel train) till Domodossola, then change train for direction Milan-Stresa.
  • By plane: from the airports of Milan Malpensa (MXP), Milan Linate (LIN) and Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY) it is possible to book a taxi service, use the Alibus shuttle to Stresa (on reservation from April to September from Malpensa only) or go to the Central and Garibaldi station in Milan with destination Domodossola.
  • Once you arrive in Stresa, given the vastness of the territory and the many places to visit, it is advisable to rent a car.  
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