Borromean Islands Navigation


Motorboat rental service with conductor just for you. 

It is one of the countless proposals for individuals, families, groups and companies offered by our company. There is the possibility of booking one or more boats for a short trip or even an organised trip to the Borromean Islands and Lake Maggiore.
From Stresa or from places you have requested, it is possible to organise simple tours of a few minutes, or decide to visit some of the most beautiful and incredible places in Italy, tasting typical products, far from the stress and smog of big cities.
According to your needs, the boat will remain at your complete disposal to allow you to visit the destination of your choice better.
We lend our experience by managing the logistics and organisation of team building or recreational and wellness activities with Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.
A beautiful memory of a particular fact remains forever imprinted in our mind, that's why your bachelor/bacherolette party, your graduation party, birthday, wedding, a corporate/group event, a conference, a photo shoot, a treasure hunt or an important anniversary shared with your friends must be organised with care and in every detail.

Accessory services.
Based on specific needs, we can offer personalised decorations, catering services and buffet aperitifs.    

Associated visits.
Short visits or stops for lunch or dinner in a restaurant can be associated with each navigation route.

Customisable cruises of varying lengths are available, with or without intermediate stops.

Points of interest.
Each cruise provides various points of interest which can be illustrated while sailing by professional guides.

For more information contact us, one of our operators will take care of your request.
Imbarcazione Navigazione Isole Borromee
Motoscafo in navigazione
Catering a bordo
Interni di un motoscafo
Interno Motoscafo
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