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Island San Giulio

Island Orta San Giulio

Returned to the square it is now the moment to get embarked in order to reach the Island San Giulio. The navigation takes a few minutes, but getting closer to the island has something very enticing, a small island covered with houses and today inhabited only by a few people and the cloistered Mater Ecclesiae nuns, who reside in the Benedictine abbey. The abbey performs researches and studies on ancient texts and translations. Scripts and publications are processed in support of the Lectio divina. Since 1984 there has been an important restoration activity of ancient fabrics (furnishings, sacred vestments, tapestries, etc.) which stands out not only for professionalism of the restoration, but also for studies and research in this field. Liturgical vestments are made. The trip to the island also allows you to discover the Basilica of San Giulio, whose first origin can even be traced back to the fourth century. Of particular importance is the famous ambo (or pulpit), a jewel of European Romanesque sculpture. Continuing the walk along the streets of silence you arrive at the San Giulio restaurant, a very nice place that has a garden on the lake and also motorboat service for customers. It is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner, especially in summer when it is possible eating outdoors and observing the moon reflecting on the water.

Isola di San Giulio

Island San Giulio from Orta

Isola di San Giulio da Hotel Panoramico

Island San Giulio from Madonna del Sasso

Basilica di San Giulio dal Lago

Basilica from the Lake

Ambone Basilica di San Giulio

Ambo Basilica

Affresco Chiesa Isola di Sangiulio

Fresco in Basilica

Vicolo Isola di San Giulio

Inner Lane of the Island

Isola di San Giulio
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