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The Mottarone (1492 metres above sea level) rises between the Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola(VCO) and the province of Novara, in Piedmont. It is also known as the Mountain of the two Lakes or La Montagna dei Milanesi (the mountain of the people from Milan), it divides Lake Maggiore from Lake Orta. It can be reached by means of two roads, built in the middle of the last century: provincial 41 – which runs along the southern climbing from Armeno – and  La Borromea”, a toll road (10,00 euro per car) that goes up from the village of Alpine along the east side. Despite being among the lowest peaks of the Alps, you can enjoy a 360° view from its rounded peak of the Alpi Marittime on the Monte Rosa, passing through the Po Valley and the seven lakes (Orta, Maggiore, Mergozzo, Varese, Monate, Comabbio, Biandronno).  It is easy to see by fine weather the triangular peak of Monviso. For lovers of flowers and plants you can make an intermediate stop to visit the Alpinia botanical garden. With its 40.000 m² it represents a place of considerable naturalistic interest for its varied collection of botanical species: there are more than 1000 types housed. Some species are of alpine and subalpine origin, others, however come from Caucasus, China, Japan and America. From the same garden there is a panoramic point where you can admire a spectacular panorama. The Mottarone tourism is a real mass phenomenon. Precisely for this reason, it has become a crowded destination for both national and foreign daily tourism within a few years. Nowadays the mountain allows you to practice many sports, as well as many recreational activities: skiing, biking, paragliding, running, rock climbing, birdwatching. In recent years Alpyland has been installed on the summit of Mottarone, an extraordinary rail bob track (practiced a lot in summer) from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view on Lake Maggiore. It is an attraction similar to a roller coaster, all downhill, with the particularity that each user can decide the tackling speed of the track. Two-seater bobsleighs are in fact equipped with a braking system that the passenger, who is sitting in the rear seat, can operate to accelerate or decelerate. The track is 1.200 m long and spreads over a difference in height of 100m. Excitement and fun are guaranteed for everyone, young and old, but always in complete safety. Children aged 4 to 8 years can also try their hand at the track, but must be accompanied by an adult or a child older than 8 years.

Mottarone verso Stresa

Mottarone and Lake Maggiore

Mottarone Alpiland


Mottarone Lago Maggiore e Alpi

Mottarone, Lake Maggiore and the Alps

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