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The organisation of your wedding is a complex thing that often leads to stress and waste of time. It isn't easy to match all the pieces to create a perfect day. 

An ideal solution to make your dream come true is to organise it on Lake Maggiore in a fairytale setting of rare beauty, where nature can frame the most beautiful day of your life.

Our company can provide assistance for a traditional or completely alternative wedding with a touch of whimsy.

Not just a private taxi that takes spouses, relatives and friends from one destination to another, but a support in organising and transporting guests. 

The added value of our reality consists in giving a series of dedicated collateral services, starting from the collaboration with proven skilled professionals, such as wedding planners, photographers, to partnerships with local agencies, historic villas with private moorings and breathtaking views, accommodation facilities able to welcome our customers and make them feel at home.

I am going to get married. 
Scambio delle Fedi

The unforgettable day


The atmosphere of Lake Maggiore

Sala Matrimoni Isola Pescatori

Civil ceremony hall Isola dei Pescatori

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