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Legro - The painted village

The hamlet of Legro, a small village with 400 inhabitants about three kilometres from the town of Orta San Giuliano, on the Cusian hills of Lake Orta that lead towards Mottarone, has been transformed over the years into a real open-air museum due to the colourful frescoes that enliven the walls of its houses, almost all decorated with frescoes by artists from Italy and all over Europe. They tell scenes inspired by the works of Gianni Rodari or by films that were shot on the shores of the lake. For about fifteen years, when the historic centre of Legro was transformed into this polychromatic "murales" with beautiful frescoes, it has become an interesting tourist destination. During the enthralling walk through the streets of the village we relive, through splendid painted frames, scenes from famous films that saw Lake Orta as a frame, including "The mope", "The secret lover", "A thorn in the heart", "The desire to win", "The plate weeps" and "The Bishop's room" just to name a few, with the faces of many well-known actors and actresses. Due to the murales, Legro is included in the 90 Italian localities of the national "Painted Countries" circuit.

The art works, painted in 1998 follow the common thread of the "cinema-room on the wall" and describe the films shot on Lake Orta.

Passing time, the works have been enriched with scenes taken from stories of the youngest student minds at the Artistic High Schools in the area, who painted the walls according to their own free interpretation.

Legro Le Mondine
Legro Paese Dipinto
Legro Navigazione
Legro Pane Amore e Fantasia
Legro Cinema
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