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Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

The success of a holiday or a short stay depends on the organisation: That is why we have been collaborating for years with Italian and international Travel Agencies and Tour Operators to guarantee the best experience for tourists who come to visit Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Gulf.

Our multilingual staffs are committed daily to assist Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in organising customised packages which can include multiple services.

Both day and night cruises by motorboat, transport to the Borromean Islands, museum entrances, bookings with tourist guides, are just some of the right solutions to the requests that arrive daily in our offices. 

We also offer innovative ideas for the stay and leisure of groups, schools and companies through collaboration with local realities, performing not only the function of personal taxi, but of coordination with hotels, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, conferences, cultural events and other side activities.

For schools we organise guided tours of the Palace and the Italian Baroque Garden on Isola Bella, where in its inside it is possible to activate the "Golosa"School" service, to the botanical park of Isola Madre, Rocca di Angera, Isola Perscatori with its Fishing Museum and a solution, particularly appreciated by children, such as treasure hunt.

For all tour operators wishing to organise team building with companies, we are able to support the transfer and planning of work break alternations, due to the collaboration with local realities relating to catering and hospitality.

Thanks to our support you will be able to find exclusive solutions, in balance between work and leisure.
Isola Bella lato Palazzo

Isola Bella

Isola Bella vista dall'Isola Pescatori

Isola dei Pescatori

Pavone Isola Madre

Peacock on Isola Madre

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