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Lake Maggiore

If you have chosen Lake Maggiore in addition to its surrounding area as a cultural, leisure and holiday destination, you can visit and know it with our Borromean Islands Navigation Service: Isola Bella, Isola Pescatori and Isola Madre which are located in the homonymous gulf in front of Stresa, the town also known as the "Pearl of Lake Maggiore". If you want to deepen your curiosity and culture even more, we can accompany you visiting: the botanical gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania Intra”, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso Ballaro in Leggiuno (Varese) on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore, the Rocca di Angera in Angera (Varese) on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore. These are just some of the coastal destinations that we recommend, reachable with our many services. If you travel with friends or for work, we have the right solutions for your choice.

Lake Maggiore is home to golf courses: from the driving range to nine and eighteen holes, all different among them but united in harmony with nature and the surrounding environment. Some of these are surrounded by breathtaking sceneries of mountains and lakes.


Lake Maggiore is the largest lake in Italy, even if the northern part is in Swiss territory. Its surface covers 212 km², its origin is glacial with a maximum depth of 372 meters. The overall length is 54 km, while the distance between its shores is on average 4 km only. 

On the lake there are seven islands, the two Brissago Islands, the three Borromean islands (Isola Madre, Isola Bella, Isola di San Giovanni), the Superiore Island of Pescatori and the Partegora island in the southern end between Angera and Arona.

The northern part of the lake is located in the Canton of Ticino, while the other part is divided between the Lombard province of Varese and the Piedmont ones of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Novara.

The main tributaries are Toce, Tresa and Ticino, which is also the only emissary of the lake and enters the north end and then exits in the southernmost one.


The better climatic conditions compared to the surrounding areas allow the growth of a Mediterranean vegetation type with olives, lemon trees and other plants, more usual at lower latitudes.

Quotes on Lake Maggiore


If by chance you have a sensitive heart, you have to sell also your shirt in order to see the surroundings of Lake.Stendhal

Gustave Flaubert

Nature enchants with a thousand unknown seductions and one feels a state of rare sensuality and refinement. • Gustave Flaubert

Stresa dall'Alto


Stresa, a famous town on the shores of Lake Maggiore, is located at 200 meters above sea level, in the Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola.

Villa Pallavicino

Villa Pallavicino

The park of Villa Pallavicino is located in Stresa in front of Lake Maggiore, a few hundred meters from the centre. 

Isola Pescatori e Bella

Borromean Islands

The archipelago of the Borromean Islands is located in the western arm of Lake Maggiore, called the Borromean Gulf. 

Santa Caterina del Sasso Ballaro

Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso Ballaro

The Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso Ballaro is a monastery perched on a rock wall, overlooking the eastern shore of Lake Maggiore.

Giardino di Villa Taranto

Botanical gardens of Villa Taranto

The botanical gardens are now famous all over the world.

La Rocca di Angera

Rocca di Angera

The Rocca di Angera belongs to the Borromean family, it is located at the southern end of Lake Maggiore (Lombard shore) in the province of Varese.

Castelli di Cannero

Luino and the Castles of Cannero Riviera

Luino, which can be reached with our Borromean Islands Navigation service, is a nice town located on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore.

Mottarone Alpiland


The Mottarone is located at 1492 meters above sea level and situated in Piedmont, between the province of the VCO (Verbano Cusio Ossola) and the province of Novara.



Cannobio is a municipality on the border with Switzerland, located on the north-western shore of Lake Maggiore. In several years it has been awarded the environmental recognition of the FEE, the Blue Flag. In 2011 it was awarded the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club.

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