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Luino and the Castles of Cannero Riviera

Luino, which can be reached with our Borromean Islands Navigation Company, is a pretty town located on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore. It is famous for its grandiose market which runs throughout the town every Wednesday. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists and onlookers. Visiting the market, you will find all sorts of goods: from food to clothes, flowers and various accessories. There are numerous stalls with fresh cheeses, cured meat, lake fish, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables. You can buy all kind of clothes: jeans, sweaters, pyjamas, socks, tights, shoes, underwear and hats. There is no shortage of leather goods such as bags and handbags, belts and jackets, as well as accessories of all kind. For tailoring there are buttons, cotton threads of all colours, fabrics, wool. For the kitchen you will find cutlery, ladles, whisks, coffee grinders, etc. For the ladies there is no shortage of beauty products. 

After visiting and shopping in Luino, it is possible to reach the Castles of Cannero Riviera by a relaxing cruise. The Castles are located in front of Cannero Riviera on the Piedmont side of Lake Maggiore, a few kilometres from the Swiss border. The cruise doesn't include a stop, as it isn't possible for now to visit the ruins of the ancient fortifications, perched on two of the three rocky islets. 

Castelli di Cannero
Panoramica Castelli di Cannero
Castelli di Cannero dal Battello
La Rocca di Angera da Arona
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