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Whether you are a tourist travelling in a group, or someone who needs to travel to Lake Maggiore for work, our services make it happen. 

We are able to personalise your experience and make it unique. We organise the best transport for groups and parties in order to leave nothing to change. Our solutions are able to meet any request and if you have no ideas, our staff will take care of it, planning an exclusive transport/excursion for you.

Since years we have been dealing with movements on the lake, welcoming and organising events, with our personalised service we give priority entry to the palaces and parks of the Borromean Islands, we manage together with Travel Agencies and Tour Operators trips and stays in Stresa and in the nearby cities, we find the best accommodation facilities where you can sleep in complete relaxation and eat typical zero-kilometre products, we organise transport/excursions throughout the lake, we manage the logistics of companies that make team building experiences, both playful and wellness.

Our boats are according to current safety laws and our captains speak multiple languages to ensure maximum comfort even in the field of communication.

For more information, please send us your requests via our contact page.
Gruppo Isola Bella
Caccia al Tesoro
Gruppo Isole
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