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Rocca di Angera

The Rocca di Angera belongs to the Borromean family and is located on the southern end of Lake Maggiore, on the Lombard shore of the province Varese. Extraordinary is the path inside the majestic Historical Rooms, embellished with splendid and precious frescoes, ancient painting and original decorations. Inside the Rocca there is the doll and toy museum which traces the history of the game from the 18th century to the present days. Surrounded by crenellated walls, the Medieval Garden illustrates the specificities of the garden during the Middle Ages from a historical and botanical point of view.
The Rocca in Angera is the result of five different buildings, built between the eleventh and seventeenth centuries: the Scaligera Wing, the Visconti Wing, the Tower of Giovanni Visconti and the Wing of the Borromeo.
In the building there are the rooms of the Good Roman, of Mythology, of Ceremonies, of San Carlo, of the Borromean splendour.
The Room of Justice is of great artistic importance, which houses the cycle of frescoes created in the 13th century by an anonymous painter called “Master of Angera”. The representation narrates events related to the life of Archbishop Ottone Visconti and in particular illustrates his victory over the Torriani in the battle of Desio in 1277.
The Hall of Mythology houses a vast collection of Majolica, with over three hundred pieces of Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Persian and Chinese manufacture. The exhibition re-proposes the appearance of the Madame Gisèle Brault-Pesché in the house-museum in Tours.

Rocca di Angera
La Rocca di Angera
Sala Rocca di Angera
La Rocca di Angera da Arona
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